Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Summer of Love

Like many folks in their 30s, Bob and I had the opportunity to share several ceremonies of unity this summer. Or whatever they're called. It was a lot of fun. Alaska weddings tend to be pretty relaxed. Our friends Margaret and Hagen started the blitzkrieg in May before moving South and South-er for work.

Then came Mary and John and while we didn't make it to San Antonio, we celebrated in spirit. Emily and Luke provided not only stunning views and whitewater canoeing, but also fresh caught fish and blueberries. Bob brought fresh crab from Nome and it was a sentimental feast.

In August, we headed down to Seattle to celebrate the wedding of my sister in law's sister and her partner. We met up with my brother and his wife, caught up with Margaret down there, and only shutdown metro traffic once with our hobo-mobile. See previous posts on hobos. Same as usual.

At the end of August, I headed to Atlanta for the traditional Southern Spanish-American-British Physics wedding of Cristina and Andrew. Mmm mmm. Pretty fun. Erik, I'm completely heartbroken that I will miss your and Solana's nuptials in the NYC Zipper Factory. I hope you forgive me someday. If the Concorde still flew and they had flights from AK, I swear I would be there. I miss you all!

Peter and Anya giggling during Robin and Dani's ceremony.

Emily, Luke, Jeff the officiant, and a beautiful ridge. Check out that hat hair Luke is sporting!

Jessie and Todd get down and boogie at the physics wedding.

Bob and Hagen await arrival of the lovely bride, Margaret, in front of the Chena River in downtown Fairbanks.

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Unthawed Alaskan said...

Glad we could help kick off the summer of love.