Thursday, January 18, 2007

A little more Xmas

Here are another couple of Christmas picts. Bob looking inquisitively at a boot on a fencepost and Bob's parently relaxing in the kitchen after a long day of present-opening. I'll admit shamefully that I have very few pictures from the xmas bonanza. I'll do better next year, I hope.

Winter in Fbx

Well, here are some highlights during a lot of cold, dark days. Mooses. Cool frost. Decking Matilda out in polarfleece.

Fall Field work

Given my recent New York Times coverage, I thought I'd post some picts from my fall fieldwork back in New York. Here's a shot my collaborator Allan took as we were scoping out a potential second site. I'm up on Stormking Mountain, overlooking the Hudson River and Connecticut. We didn't end up using this ridgetop station, but the view was fab. Notice the fashionable use of fluorescent clothing. It was hunging season in the forest while I was there. Not wanting to look uncool while I was working, I'm sporting an American Appearal scoopneck and some fingerless gloves by my hipster friend Dancing Anne.

And here's Bambi's daddy. Not clear what was going on here, but he's taking a breather at the old Stone House. The deer hunt helps the forest grow big and strong--it's still recovering from it's 19th century deforestation.

This is some of the new equipment I installed at the new site. The giant steel plates measure the weight of snow in the (imagine) snow pack.

The moon rising over my Stone House station was a common site the week I was there. I did much of my work after dark with a headlamp, Fairbanks style.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hello 2007

Well, it's just been darn cold this week. But still a magical winterland. I guess. I think -15 might be my cutoff for skiing. It's just unpleasant below that. And the dogs start to get cold skijoring below -20 or so. Because we've been down in the -40s and -30s all week, that means some quality time inside. As you can see, Matilda is surrendering to winter, too. Five or six months of hibernation sound good.

Old stomping grounds

Following San Fran, Bob and I flew to Denver and drove to WY and NE to visit family. A wonderful time was had by all, I think. And it sure was great to breathe some fresh Prairie air. I miss the ol' place. Here are a couple of photos from western Nebraska: one of a soddie rebuilt in the 1960s and one of us near Chimney Rock. Last time I was here the tower was taller. Mom relayed a story that some kids shot the top off with a rifle. Figures.

Bob's mom got installed as the new minister out in Guernsey and Ft. Laramie. We got our church in for the year and were completely bathed in sweets and baked goods by the congregation. I felt like my mom must have felt growing up as the minister's kid in Scottsbluff, a few miles down the road. Highlights included a couple banjo performances by Bob's father, Mary Ellen and I propping up the choir, Uncle Bill's Christmas suit, and his dog Princess' jingle bells. Next, we headed to Lincoln and enjoyed a couple days with my family. The highlight there was seeing Grandpa and my brother battle it out with a robotic dinosaur and remote-controlled helicopter, respectively.

end of 2006

Well, it's been a while since I updated, but stop blowin' yo horns. This lady is busy. December brought a whirlwind of moving and travel. Bob and I and the three puppies moved into a new house with running water and an inside toilet. You'll have the check Bob's blog for photos of the new place. I was back in NY doing field work in November, so Bob started the move without me. Both of our cabins had serious mold problems so it was time to take the plunge. Of course the pipes froze before we even moved in, but that's par for the course here in Fbx.

In mid-December, we headed to San Fran for the American Geophysical Union meeting, the annual pow-wow for all earth scientists. The atmosphere was particularly gloomy, I thought. Lots of rain and lots of depressed scientists with proposal rejections. Times are tight in the science budgets these days. Still, the highlight was seeing friends and eating burritos, as our Abby can attest to.