Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Old stomping grounds

Following San Fran, Bob and I flew to Denver and drove to WY and NE to visit family. A wonderful time was had by all, I think. And it sure was great to breathe some fresh Prairie air. I miss the ol' place. Here are a couple of photos from western Nebraska: one of a soddie rebuilt in the 1960s and one of us near Chimney Rock. Last time I was here the tower was taller. Mom relayed a story that some kids shot the top off with a rifle. Figures.

Bob's mom got installed as the new minister out in Guernsey and Ft. Laramie. We got our church in for the year and were completely bathed in sweets and baked goods by the congregation. I felt like my mom must have felt growing up as the minister's kid in Scottsbluff, a few miles down the road. Highlights included a couple banjo performances by Bob's father, Mary Ellen and I propping up the choir, Uncle Bill's Christmas suit, and his dog Princess' jingle bells. Next, we headed to Lincoln and enjoyed a couple days with my family. The highlight there was seeing Grandpa and my brother battle it out with a robotic dinosaur and remote-controlled helicopter, respectively.

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