Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fall Field work

Given my recent New York Times coverage, I thought I'd post some picts from my fall fieldwork back in New York. Here's a shot my collaborator Allan took as we were scoping out a potential second site. I'm up on Stormking Mountain, overlooking the Hudson River and Connecticut. We didn't end up using this ridgetop station, but the view was fab. Notice the fashionable use of fluorescent clothing. It was hunging season in the forest while I was there. Not wanting to look uncool while I was working, I'm sporting an American Appearal scoopneck and some fingerless gloves by my hipster friend Dancing Anne.

And here's Bambi's daddy. Not clear what was going on here, but he's taking a breather at the old Stone House. The deer hunt helps the forest grow big and strong--it's still recovering from it's 19th century deforestation.

This is some of the new equipment I installed at the new site. The giant steel plates measure the weight of snow in the (imagine) snow pack.

The moon rising over my Stone House station was a common site the week I was there. I did much of my work after dark with a headlamp, Fairbanks style.

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