Wednesday, January 10, 2007

end of 2006

Well, it's been a while since I updated, but stop blowin' yo horns. This lady is busy. December brought a whirlwind of moving and travel. Bob and I and the three puppies moved into a new house with running water and an inside toilet. You'll have the check Bob's blog for photos of the new place. I was back in NY doing field work in November, so Bob started the move without me. Both of our cabins had serious mold problems so it was time to take the plunge. Of course the pipes froze before we even moved in, but that's par for the course here in Fbx.

In mid-December, we headed to San Fran for the American Geophysical Union meeting, the annual pow-wow for all earth scientists. The atmosphere was particularly gloomy, I thought. Lots of rain and lots of depressed scientists with proposal rejections. Times are tight in the science budgets these days. Still, the highlight was seeing friends and eating burritos, as our Abby can attest to.


abmatic said...

man do i look fantastic....

jc said...

we do aim high here at l.i.a.b.

Cristina said...

hey! nice to see you.
wish i could have eaten
some burritos with you.
not much mexi-food over