Monday, January 26, 2009

Crawling Toward the Finish Line

Well, there are still a few details left, but we are very close to having finished our kitchen renovation. Hence no posts for many months. In an earlier post you can see what was a dark, cold, ugly cabin.

Some in-between pictures show us laboriously replacing the electricity, framing in the walls, adding insulation, a vapor barrier, and drywall. New doors went in. A solid oak floor took nearly a week of our labor. We painted the cabinets and put on new handles. A local hardwood specialist made us an ash countertop.

Bob washed 30 years of grime off the wood ceiling. That was pretty gross. We took out the old propane lights and added new track lighting and a chandelier.

Finishing touches included curtains and some additional chairs from Ikea. The rug is a Navajo antique that belonged to my grandmother.

We kept all of the old appliances for now, but added a dish washer...that was possibly the best part of all.

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melonbusey said...

It's GORGEOUS!!! You guys do great work, and not only that, you're motivated to actually get it done! I admire that! Wanna come down to DC and do our dining room next? : )