Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Early Progress Report

Well, this post ain't no modern novel, but here are some pictures from B. of some of the renovation we're doing...the 'before' picture and the 'in progress' pictures. What you are seeing is our 1970s log cabin being framed from the inside. Insulation and drywall yet to come. The kitchen was removed. Counters are being painted. Probably another two months before you see the 'after' pictures. I know they're only 2 x 6's, but I feel warmer already...


cswingle said...

Nice. I like the flexibility to modify the interior of a log home. No supporting walls inside, so you can do whatever you want to the space.

What's the final treatment on the interior walls? Drywall?

Subarctic Sam said...

The Alaskan remodel job tool list:
screw gun...check
worm saw...check
big ass wrench...check

Ready for anything in this old house.

Emilie said...

Whoa, homeowner -- looks great. Miss you!

acmcs said...

eeeeeeep! I'm bringing my trusty crusty cordless drill!

Noah said...

Holy wrenching! Congrats on your home and the great North. I'd love to get you some images for your new digs! Big hugs, Noah