Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Goose vs. Tofurkey

We had a great thanksgiving this year. Two of them, actually. Thursday night we cooked this 9 pound goose. Or rather is started at 9 pounds and cooked down to about 7 after I followed this recipe for Scandinavian-style roasted goose from 1964. It turned out dee-lish. We're planning to roast some potatoes with some of the goose fat next week. I think we should have enough to fulfill our goose fat needs for the next couple of years, in fact. We didn't have any apples or plums to stuff it, so I just used whatever I could find to plug it up: a lemon, an onion, and a potato finally filled the inside.

Bob made his usual crazy assortment of pies. This time it was pumpkin and eggnog cranberry. Wow. Where did I find this guy?

I also made a stuffing from scratch that was multigrain bread, sage pork sausage, sauteed leeks, fresh sage, and craisins. I promised Bob that I'd make it again for Christmas; it was that good!

We had our friends P., J., & M. over and they brought sweet potatoes and bean casserole. It was a sight to behold. As if that wasn't enough, Friday we had a second motherlode of good eats when more friends G., I., M., S., J., & P came over. This time the menu was vegan. I made cabbage roles filled with barley, veggies, and tempeh, which got covered in tomato sauce and baked. I also made a phyllo strudel with yukon gold potatoes, artichokes, onion, tofu, and lots of fresh tarragon. And that went with mushroom gravy, if you can believe it. Bob made a plum chocolate cake which was pretty good, especially after I rescued it from the oven and put in all of the ingredients he forgot including the leavening. G. & I. brought a tofurkey, which was pretty darn good, as well as pie, salad, and half a dozen other things. It's hard to even feel guilty after you eat this stuff.

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abmatic said...

you guys are crazy! it looks like fun though.