Monday, October 08, 2007

Winter is here

Well, it seemed to happen pretty fast. Despite what the normal climatology says--snow is likely as early as mid-September--I wasn't mentally prepared. One day it got chilly. Then, there was a clear night and heat simply radiated away. The next day it was cooler. It snowed. It was clear again that night. More heat radiated away. And now the white surface reflects the incoming sun rays. That's it. Autumn is toast. Here Bob is busy putting on our snow tires and breaking the jack.

I realize that some of you still have your AC cranked high...strange weather all over the lower 48 this fall. Meanwhile the snow may be covering our canoe, but we have plans for a little tropical paradise come January. I'm not sure we'll survive otherwise. Here are the climate normals from Weather Underground.


abmatic said...

oh man, it really does look like winter already. we had a gasp of fall yesterday with some proper rain. its just that fall temps are still in the 60s... you are always welcome here if you need some sunshine.

kim said...

did Bob really break your jack...gez, Bob, what is up with you and jacks??