Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back in the USSR

Well, I'm back home in Alaska; my Moscow-on-the-Tanana. I went on a great canoeing trip with some friends. The float was called the Clearwater, for obvious reasons. While most bodies of water are still frozen, the Clearwater is spring-fed and already ice-free. It was beautiful. Ice shelves along the banks. My friends know how to travel well; when we pulled out for lunch, I unpacked my PB&J and they unpacked their roast chicken and bottle of wine. You guys are great! flickr

I knew that my post-doctoral life had started on Saturday when I drove to the grocery store with a canoe on the roof of my car, and a bike and two pairs of skis inside. Contrary to expectation, summer has actually started here. It may only get into the 40s during the day, but that's warm enough for t-shirts and sandals for Alaskans. Best of all; I was going to change the lightbulb on my front porch tonight when I realized that with twilight until 11 pm, why bother! I'll do it in October and save electricity.


acmcs said...

yay! you're back online and on permafrost. finals bite.

acmcs said...

by the way, if you go into your blogger settings, then click on site feed, then click on publish site feed, I can have my RSS feed tell me when you update your blog. by the way. if you want.

jc said...

thanks acmcs. sorry finals blow. been there. my settings were already set to publish site feed, but maybe your RSS reader uses weblogs? so i enabled that. whatever the hell it is. i love being trained on technology by my lawyer friends.

-your fav supercomputer